We specialise in bespoke home automation systems and have successfully completed many projects of all sizes and budgets, from the small to the very large. Our services include multi-room video & multi-room audio with simple control via a tablet, smart phone or in-wall touch panels.

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Our highly experienced and knowledgable team are more than happy to help. So whether you know exactly what you want or would just like a bit of friendly advice about your project, please feel free to get in touch with us today.


Multi-Room Video


-  Video Distribution  -

Multi room video systems give you complete control over the visual media around your home, so you can watch what you want, where you want and enjoy a much more exciting visual experience, integrating Sky, DVDs, Apple TV,Blu-Ray or CCTV.


Start watching a film in one room then move to another, picking up exactly where you left off or if you wanted to view the CCTV whilst still in bed then just simply select the correct input source and it's done.



Multi-Room Audio

Everyone benefits from the ability to listen to their own music in their own room, yet revel in whole-house sound when it’s wanted. You can set a morning playlist to come on as you wake, access thousands of songs from your music collection or tune in to your favourite radio station. Sit back and relax, or continue listening as you move around the house with multi room audio.


With an multi room music system like sonos you can browse and select tracks from your iPhone/iPad, iTunes.


Enjoy music on demand, streaming live via broadband for Spotify, Rhapsody and many more.



Total Control

 - uControl -

 Home control is a technology that links and controls the electronics and systems in your home – through one easy-to-use interface. uControl makes intelligent home automation and control possible and affordable for every home. It aims to improve people's lives by reducing the complexity of personal (or in-home) technology with easy-to-use, intelligent and affordable automation solutions.

The sleek looking touch panel layouts, clever remote controls and on TV displays. The interface is slick – even making the apps for tablets, iPad’s and iPhone’s use the same layout. uControl takes all the hard work out of operating what would otherwise be a complicated system.

beautifully simple option for AV system control in every room.



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